“Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” Anon


Nat M

So, initially when I was told about Life Coaching I must admit to feeling sceptical.

But from the off you made me feel at ease and this helped me open up. So that dispelled my biggest fear...would I be able to open up to a total stranger. I like the way you made me think about my role in my problems/issues,without making me feel judged or criticized.


You helped me gain confidence and helped me reflect on how deal with things,as well as create a balance in my life.

Being an 'outsider' meant that you were totally impartial and without telling me what/how to do things you enabled me to create new pathways, pushed me to experience new things, manage my time more efficiently.


Thank you for helping regain some control over my life and helping me see that I am able to have 'me' time and made realize there are strategies to keep positive and maintain a healthy life balance.

Camilla P

I am very grateful for this new experience and the outcome of it. The mere exercise of verbalising my thoughts makes them more tangible and makes it easier to identify possible ways to deal with them, especially things that I have generally not talked so much about before. You are giving me the opportunity to do this.


I am impressed about your ability to process my babbling about the turmoil in my head, I feel that you really listen as you are able to process what I say and then summarise the main points. When we then meet again, you remember these main points and bring them up again. This I find really helpful as it brings my focus back to deal with the issues (and not forget about it or run away from it); sometimes it also helps me to link different matters that may just be different manifestations of one same thing.


Your questions are also helping me hugely to identify issues, partly by summarising the main points that I have been talking about.  Sometimes, I am surprised at the conclusions as, although I have brought the ideas up myself, I was not quite aware that they were there.


From the moment my sessions with you started I felt at ease, truly comfortable and relieved. Today, I am not ashamed to say that I have been feeling confused and unmotivated for quite a long time, actually not being aware of what exactly was going on but I was certainly feeling awkward.


It was amazing experiencing how your open questions were right to the point and most of the times the answers revealed thoughts that were oblivious to me. Our weekly talk helped me to stop, look at myself from outside and observe the aspects of my life that had potentially lead me to this state. 


By speaking up, I not only found answers but I am ready to take action, your approach was professional, enriching, full of compassion and kindness.


Thanks to your coaching, I now know a little more about me, I feel in control and have recovered confidence. It feels like a new start.


Crystal is wonderful at life coaching, she’s really knowledgable, very skilled and effortlessly easy to talk to. She helped me so much in having more confidence in my life decisions.


Having someone 100% on your side to bounce ideas off, share concerns, challenge you, hold you to account and celebrate with is so valuable. Crystal helped me find my own clarity, and every time I left the sessions with a sense of excitement and ambition to deal with the challenges of running my own business. I liked having the space to talk and think in the session and I’d definitely recommend her.

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