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Why hire a career coach?

I love a bargain. I don’t like paying over the odds. So if I can do something cheaper then I will. For example when I started yoga there was no way I was going to signup to a yoga studio when I can just follow someone on YouTube for free. So I follow along on YouTube. For years. I notice I’m getting better - the planks are less painful, I know what downward dog is and I can touch my toes!

Then I finally go to a real yoga studio. I made more progress in 3 months than I did in 3 years.

Why? The teacher comes round to correct me, telling me what I need to do and how, they show me what I’m doing vs what I should be doing. In other words, they give me tailored advice, they see what I can’t see. I understood the theory but wasn’t sure if I was applying it to myself.

The same is with career development. For some people, books, YouTube videos, advice from family, friends and colleagues is enough to work towards their growth. Gradually they work out which bits apply to them and which bits don’t.

For others, they did everything as above but they’re stuck in the same place, the same patterns come up or frustrated with their lack of progress towards their goals.

This is where coaching comes in. A coach sees what you can’t see. Shine a light on the obstacles in the way. Challenge your mindset that stops you from moving forward. Show you the same old view from a different perspective.

It works because the career coach is not your family and friends who are only looking out for you and are "experts" on your career. The career coach is not an expert on your career, you are. The career coach will help you tease out the best way forward for you (not according to your mum). Best of all, because it was all your idea, it’s sustainable.

A career coach is a personal trainer for your career development.

If this is for you, contact me now on cgw.tse@gmail.com.

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