• Crystal

What is coaching?

You should have a website. You should have a business card. You should be on social media.

You should do videos. You should charge less. You should charge more. You should get a job. You should ...

Each “should” lands heavier each time I hear them. Each “should” reinforces the hamster wheel in my head. My heart sinks a little deeper. I want to scream “yes, I know that already!” But I don’t. I nod and mm-hmm my way through the monologue of “shoulds”. They mean well because they care.

Sometimes I’m asked “how is it going?” and they nod and mm-hmm. They’ll ask that beautiful question “what do you need now then?” Finally, I can get out of the hamster wheel. I have been heard. I have been seen. I can put down the “shoulds”. There is no heaviness here with them, only openness and safety. A new idea emerges. A realisation. Like I’m unfurling. Ah right! Yes, that’s what I will do! I go through the rest of the week with a renewed motivation and lightness about me.

This is what coaching is all about. A safe place to be heard, seen and acknowledged. Because only in this place is where real sustainable, positive change can happen and you can finally thrive.

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