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Things I didn’t know about careers when I graduated 👩🏻‍🎓

Yep that's me 👆, so young! I had no idea what was in store for me...

📌 You have to network and build relationships.

I used to think that networking was swapping business cards and promoting myself to as many people as possible - WRONG! It’s talking to people as if they are human, finding common ground and how you’d both benefit from the relationship. It’s built over time but worth it in the long run.

📌 Learning is lifelong.

It doesn’t stop when you graduate, actually you’re just getting started. University and school only show you how to learn. The best learning comes from the people that have already done it and can show you the way.

📌 You need goals in your life but don’t let them blind you to potential opportunities: learn to pivot.

The goals you had when you were 20 will be different by the time you hit 30. The trick is knowing when to amend your goals when you come across opportunities that are too good to miss. Don’t let your comfort zone get too comfy 🛌🏼!

📌 Don't wait for opportunities to present themselves - you have find and go for them.

Waiting for opportunities is like expecting your future partner to just turn up at your door without you having to do anything. Get knocking on those doors using your network!

When an opportunity does come along that you're interested in, trust that your skills and experience are enough to go for it. The right opportunity should move you forward, not keep you in your comfort zone.

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