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Tales of a woman in tech #1

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A year after starting my first telecomms job, a colleague confessed to me that when he heard I was joining the team, he told my boss that “a woman can’t do this job”.

He wanted to apologise for saying that because he’d changed his mind and thought I was more than competent.

A few things came to mind:

👉 I didn’t give a 🗯 if he thought I was competent or not but was still good to hear. I welcome any ego stroking 😉.

👉 I wasn’t surprised by his initial response.

👉 But I was surprised that he told me directly, he was willing to change his mind and apologise. All of which he didn’t have to do.

This tells me that:

➡️ My work ethic, willingness to learn, collaborate and get things done are the things that matter.

➡️ The people that notice these things are the ones you want to keep around you.

➡️ Be confident of what you bring to the job.

➡️ Experience and knowledge are things that come with time by staying curious.

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