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Mindset is everything

Before, I had never travelled alone and didn’t want to. Then I travelled alone for 8 months.

Before, I knew I wasn’t fulfilling my potential at work but I had no idea what else I could do. Then I booked myself onto a career change workshop and is how I found out about coaching.

Before, I thought I would stay in my job while building up my coaching on the side. Then I quit my job last year to fully commit to coaching.

Before, I planned to be working full time as a coach for some company somewhere. Then in the autumn I decided I would start my own coaching business.

Every time I’d hit a bottom, suddenly the unthinkable became possible. Thoughts like “what will they think of me”, “let’s not rock the boat”, “I’ll have to take a pay cut”, “what if this fails” that kept me in the old places all disappeared when I finally hit all sorts of bottoms.

For most of us, we need to hit the bottom before we are willing to change. The only thing that really changes is the mindset. When we decide things need to be different, resistance and struggle disappear. “I can’t” becomes “why can’t I?”

How does your mindset prevent you from achieving your goals?

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