• Crystal

Living with Maureen

“Don’t apply for that job, you’re not qualified or experienced enough.”

“Better not speak up. Your opinion is wrong. No one is listening anyway. Don’t embarrass yourself.”

“Why are you learning that? You’ll never get as good as them.”

“What makes you think you can manage a team? You have way less experience than them.”

“If you’re going to email this, you better make sure you do your research properly.”

*spend days Googling to see if one sentence I wrote makes sense.

This is a list of things that Maureen has told me in the past. Who is Maureen? She is my inner critic.

Maureen appears when my confidence is low, when something is new and unknown or when I’m tired. She protects me from harm. She keeps me in survival mode. But she stops me from taking risks, doing anything new or seeing possibilities.

Living with Maureen has been difficult but the more I do the things she doesn’t want me to, the smaller her voice becomes, the more I thrive.

What does your inner critic say?

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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