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How to change careers in a lockdown

Given the situation, some of us might be using this time to reconsider our careers. So here are a few ways to get started even if you don’t have a clear idea what your next career will be.

  • Try out short courses you have an interest in. There’s a huge amount of online learning through edX, udemy, Coursera, udacity and even through local education colleges that have gone online like Morley College.

  • Informational interviews. Find 20 people who do the jobs you’re interested in and ask to have a 30 minute talk. Link to an article about how to get the most out of it is in the comments.

  • Look for ways to get involved in the industries you’re interested in. We may be in lockdown but there are still meetups and events that have gone virtual. Check out meetup.com and eventbrite.

  • If you know the industry you want to move to then surround yourself with people in your new industry. They are best placed to inform you of the trends and where to focus your learning. Start by looking in your own network of family and friends, meetup.com and Facebook groups.

If you’re still no closer to your new career then contact me to get clear on your next move.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

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