"When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” Lao Tzu


Curious. Passionate. Supportive.

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The question is loud and clear “How do I change career and change to what?” The silence is heavy. This is the emotional baggage I’ve been enthusiastically avoiding but dragging all round Asia that has finally unpacked itself. It feels like I need to scale Everest when I don’t like heights. I’ve given up before starting. My reality back home is a list of “I don’t wants”.

My mind is paralysed by the pressure to be “successful”, everyone scrutinising my every move, everyone comparing themselves to me. “There goes another failed professional, she should be doing better, thankfully we are not like her”. Are they saying that or am I?


Yes I should be doing “better”, but that’s because I’m in the wrong place. Coasting is not an option any more.

With every coaching topic presented I was rapt. Fully attentive, back straight, eyes focused, taking everything in like a sponge, scribbling furiously and occasionally sparks of “oh 🗯️! That totally makes sense” like popcorn popping.


When we tried the exercises on each other, there was even more popcorn popping. The simple act of holding space with no judgement and asking questions could help someone uncover insights about themselves, surprised me no end. Mind = blown. That weekend was like rocket fuel to my motivation to retrain as a coach.


Finally it was the answer I’ve been waiting for, clicking into place like the last puzzle piece.

Now I want to create a world where more women stay in tech so that women have a seat at the table. 

Where women’s achievements are applauded as loudly as the men’s.

Where we don’t need women in tech events.


I’m doing this by helping women in tech like you to:

  • feel like you do know your stuff because you have the skills, knowledge and experience to back you up.

  • speak up more because your opinion is as valid as everyone else’s in the room.

  • show up at work fully because you trust yourself.

  • go for that promotion because you can damn well do the job.

  • reprogram your worthiness to come from you and not others.

  • disconnect your worth from what you do/earn/produce.


 If all this was true for you, how would you show up at work? What would happen to your career?


Let’s find out together. My 1:1 coaching programme will help you quieten the inner critic, cultivate your inner mentor, build up your confidence and resilience that will stay with you for life.

How I got here

​I was a telecoms engineer for over 10 years and in that time I've experienced and seen my female colleagues struggle with imposter syndrome, slow career progression and no clarity of where their career was headed.

I retrained as a coach and I have an Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas which is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training program.

Now I'm committed to help women in tech stay in tech by helping them work through the obstacles to reach their potential.


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