Crystal Tse

Helping women in tech get unstuck to create a career they love

Are you a woman in tech who is feeling stuck in your career?

Maybe you struggle with:

  •  Feeling stagnant in your career

  •  Lack of confidence in your skillset/knowledge

  •  Articulating your value

  •  Voicing your opinion

  •  Fitting into the the workplace culture

It's frustrating to be working in an industry that has amazing opportunities for growth and advancement.


But something is holding you back to reach your full potential and take advantage of these opportunities.

Yet if you don’t, your frustration could grow to the point of leaving tech having not discovered your peak potential and tech loses an experienced, talented professional.

I work with you to challenge your perspectives to get new insight into how to deal with your obstacles. Working with me will propel you forward to get more out of your career. You will have strategies customised for you which are the key to sustainable change.

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I came across Crystal's coaching during the lockdown period when I was also being furloughed from my employment. I was going through a challenging time and experiencing a high level of anxiety.


Crystal helped me breaking down my thought patterns and focusing on the real issues that concerns me. I was able to better identify and understand what was causing my anxiety at work and gained clarity on my professional goals. Throughout the coaching sessions Crystal has been very sympathetic and understanding, she really listened to what I say and has shown a great deal of care and patience.


It has been a pleasure to be coached by Crystal and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional coaching!"


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